Clients Include:


Md. Sozon (Researcher & Trainer)

(PhD Candidate, Management), UTAR, Malaysia

MBA (HRM, IUB), MA  ELT (JU), BBA (Finance & HRM, IUBAT)

I am highly self-motivated and passionate about behavioral science-related research for human capacity development. This has further increased when I met with Dr. Wei Pok Fong & Dr. Omar Hamdan Mohammad Alkharabsheh Honorable Professor, Faculty of Accountancy and Management, UTAR, Malaysia. Dr. Pok Wei Fong is my PhD. Supervisor. She is highly talented, supportive, and has excellent communication and leadership skills. Her positive feedbacks and supportive behaviors inspire me to dream big and work harder.

Dr. Omar Hamdan Mohammad Alkharabsheh possesses excellent social, communication, and interpersonal qualities. Dr. Omar Hamdan Mohammad Alkharabsheh is my PhD co-supervisor.  He has extraordinary leadership and people management qualities with technical and academic expertise. He always inspires and guides me to structure the thesis as well as to meet deadlines.

I am a confident and hardworking person who has the vision to inspire and empower individuals through sharing knowledge, transferring skills, and changing attitudes. I am a perfectionist who loves to try the same things until I get the desired outputs. I enjoy working independently, networking and establishing open collaboration with diverse groups of people to create sustainable solutions that hinder human capital development. I am honored and privileged to receive the 1st prize in the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Program organized by UNDP Thailand for designing an innovative solution for solving community problems where 150 participants attended from 21 countries. I was inspired when I got selected and awarded the certificate for participating in the 7th Asian Youth Forum (AYF7) held on 12–14 August 2019 in ADB headquarters in Manila, Philippines.

Human Capacity Enhancement Specialist

Human resources are one of the vital organs for an organization to enhance organizational productivity and ensure sustainable growth. Globalization and technological advancements like artificial intelligence and robotics often revolutionize business models. Therefore, the workplace has become more challenging, and diverse in onboarding and retaining the right human resource personnel. Therefore, human resources professionals are stressing the need for training in enhancing employees’ leadership and creativity to cope with cultural differences and to fill up the skills mismatch.

LEADERSHIP – 60% of global CEOs said “Creativity” is an important leadership quality in today’s business environment.

CHANGE – Automation threatens 47% of employment that doesn’t require creativity.

SKILLS – World Economic Forum says “Creativity” will be the third-most crucial work skill needed for the 21st Century.

CULTURE –Only 39% of employees in today’s workforce consider themselves to be creative.